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The recruiting process can be very stressful and overwhelming for student-athletes, but it’s definitely stressful for parents too. All of the quality parents and guardians that are invited to join the College Promoters program want to see their student-athletes find success at the next level. And that’s exactly what College Promoters is here to do and help make happen. We want to see each and every student-athlete that enters our doors become successful, both on and off the field/court.

As the only professional recruiting service based in Texas serving student-athletes since 1997, we've now helped over 3,500 athletes and families achieve their goals of competing at the next level.

We feel we’re the best business in this industry, not only in Texas, but nationwide. 

But don't just take our word for it! Take a look at what some of our former athletes and parents have to say about working alongside College Promoters USA...


Pictured above is our testimonial board that we have in our office in San Anotnio. We love adding new testimonials from our amazing parents and athletes. 

Emily Carroll testimonial

"Without you guys assistance through this rigourous process I am not sure where we would be at. Me, my family and Isaiah are forever grateful to have walked in you guys office and be able to have worked with you as you guys always provided us with the right guidance and steps it took to get Isaiah to this day."

Matt Deleon
2019 Brackenridge H.S. football parent

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Alex Brown 
Class of 2018 Vanderbilt University Football Commit 

"As you know, Coach Stew, from Graceland University and I have been talking for a while. Back in April, he invited me up for a visit and audition. I loved it! He and the team were amazing, the campus is great and the professors were cool! Coach Stew offered me a position and I have verbally committed. We plan on a formal signing in a few months during my senior year. Thanks for everything you have done during this process My family and I could not have done this without y'all."

Maddie Cline 
Class of 2019 Graceland University Volleyball Commit

Mike and Celeste Brizzee Testimonial

"Some great news! I have been accepted and given a scholarship to play baseball at Wayland Baptist University in Plainview! I cannot thank you and your team enough for the endless support and going the extra mile to get my name out there... God bless you and the whole College Promoters staff. Thank you once again!"

Caleb Carrillo
Class of 2018 Wayland Baptist University Baseball Commit

"Alex committed to A&M today!!! Thank you so much for the support and guidance y'all have shown him along the way. You have made the process make sense when we would have been lost otherwise! We definitley could not have done it without y'all!" 

Marlene Magers 
Parent of Texas A&M 2019 Baseball Commit

kadilis2Kadilis text screenshotOne of our most recently submitted and new favorite testimonial comes from Lynn Kadilis, the mother of Lauren Kadilis (click here to view her profile), a 2018 volleyball recruit from Smithson Valley HS that just verbally accepted an amazing scholarship opportunity to Eckerd College as only a Junior in high school. Eckerd is a very strong private D2 program in St. Petersburg, FL right on the beach. Lauren will be playing both indoor and sand volleyball for Eckerd and she now has her recruiting process fully completed before Halloween of her Junior year! Take a look at this text message from Lauren's grandfather to Lauren's mother Lynn to see what it is that keeps us so passionate about coming to work everyday:

Lauren & Lynn Kadilis
Smithson Valley H.S. 
Eckerd College Volleyball

"CPUSA has been such a blessing to our family and to our son's recruiting process. Having been through the recruiting process with our oldest son and choosing not to sign up with a recruiting service per the advice of coaches, we found out the hard way how difficult and stressful the process can be. Walking this unfamiliar road with your child can be made so much easier with the help of CPUSA. Doug and his staff know how the college recruiting world works. They can guide you through the process, explain what things really mean in a clear and concise way and often times, reduce the stress that a family feels. As a mom, I appreciate the honesty we received and the straight forward guidance we were given. We were helped tremendously with where to invest our time and money for camps and combines. There is so much being offered, it is hard to know what is helpful or not. Doug and his staff were always just a phone call away, willing to make time for a personal visit and quick to help with highlight videos and coach follow-up. Most important to my husband and I, Doug was an amazing encourager for our son. If he was down or discouraged, Doug would call him in to remind him of his successes and the positive future that lay ahead. He always came away with a new found determination. This is extremely valuable in the ups and downs of college recruiting. Although both our sons have received Division I scholarships, the process the second time around has been positively different. We highly recommend CPUSA whenever anyone asks and plan to continue using them as our other children reach the appropriate age. Thanks Again CPUSA! This mother is incredibly grateful!"
- Shannon Brown
Parent, O'Connor H.S.
Baylen Brown - Texas Tech Football

"These guys are the best and have a proven track record. I have trusted them to my whole program."
Tim Springer, Spartan Basketball and Jayhawks AAU
- www.SpartanPT.com -

“With our daughter, Melissa, one of 3 girls in the College Promoters 2011 graduating class signing a full ride volleyball scholarship right here in town at St. Mary's University, we can’t wait to see the results of enrolling our son Andrew in CPUSA as a 2013 football grad. The staff is very helpful and their videos are the best!”
-Allison Heft
Parent, Brandeis H.S.
Melissa Heft - St. Mary’s University Volleyball
(Also seen: Taylor Obermiller - Stevens HS & Kelsey Huber - MacArthur HS both now competing for St. Mary’s Univ. Volleyball)

Gandy Testimonial

“I can’t say enough about the wonderful job the College Promoters crew did for our whole family in marketing our daughter nationally to volleyball coaches coast-to-coast. Through their expertise and our follow through our daughter will be attending Johns Hopkins Univ on a near fullride scholarship this fall.  From CPUSA introductions & videos to the college coaches, to their communication with our family for over a year, none of this could of come to be without Greg, Doug, Tommy, Sheri & Matt at College Promoters of Texas. My wife and I just turned barely a 4 figure investment into a 1/4 of a million dollar education for our daughter. This is positively the single best financial investment of our lifetime! If anyone out there ever has a question about the local pros at College Promoters, feel free to give me a call any time.”
- Patrick Callihan Parent, O'Connor H.S.
Caitlin Callihan - Johns Hopkins University Volleyball
& 2012 CPOTX Female Athlete of the Year

“Doug’s advice and experience was a big help to me in this college recruiting process for my oldest son. My wife & I couldn't be prouder of Clark as he entered his freshman year as a member of the Texas Tech Red Raiders men’s basketball team.”
- Dean Lammert
Parent, Churchill H.S.
Clark Lammert - Texas Tech Basketball

“Being a small 1-A high school basketball coach and parent from Knippa, Texas, I knew if my daughter was going to have a chance at getting a look from any college BB coaches, I was going to need some professional help in getting her name out there. When I learned about College Promoters of Texas in San Antonio, I knew my prayers were answered. After driving up and meeting them in person, both my daughter & I knew we were in good hands. And almost a year later to the day, Ashley signed her D-1 National Letter of Intent full-ride offer withMcNeese State Univ. Without the help and experience of CPUSA I know this could of never happened for my daughter.”
- Coach Ed Salazar
Parent, Knippa H.S.
Ashley Salazar - McNeese State Univ. Women’s Basketball

Schmidt Testimonial

“With my son playing J.V. in his junior year at our 4A high school, I wasn’t sure he he had any shot at playing college football in college. But after we went and spoke with Mr. Smith at College Promoters, I knew right away if Cole was going to have a shot, it would be with the help of CPUSA. Through all of the professional contacts and guidance from College Promoters, proactiveness from our end and a strong showing by my son in his senior year, I’m proud to say my son will be in the starting rotation at Angelo St. Univ this fall. I know for certain this couldn’t of happened on our own. CPUSA truly changed my son’s college & young adult future.”
- Kevin Drennan
Parent, Boerne-Champion H.S.
Colt Drennan - Angelo State Univ. Football

“Does CPUSA work? I emphatically say YES! They are a great investment and I highly recommend them to everyone with a high school athlete who has the passion to play at the next level. Before we went to CPUSA, we researched the other ‘competitors’ and they seemed to want you to do all the work and just give you a cookie-cutter formula. College Promoters is local, they have an established track record of success & most importantly, they are always available! I can’t say enough about the overall value that they provide to student-athletes all across Texas. We look forward to continuing our relationship with the CPUSA family as we will be signing up next 2 young track and volleyball starts very soon.”
- Sean McBride/Stephanie Barnes
Parents, East Central H.S.
Tyler Clark - Hamline University Football

“We took our son to College Promoters without any real high expectations. We simply told them we were hoping they could help us find a school where our son could get the best degree possible and be able to continue to play his game in college. They went WAY beyond our expectations by finding Reed an 80% athletic/academic scholarship for his freshman year at a wonderful university only 100 miles away from my home town! I highly recommend these nice people to all.”
- Lynn Edwards Parent, New Braunfels H.S.

“I’m so glad my parents enrolled me in College Promoters as a junior. When I go to their office it feels more like family than business. At Christmas of my junior year, I wasn’t even talking to D-1 or Big 12 colleges. Today I have 16 scholarship offers before going into my senior year!” (Big 12, Big 10, ACC, SEC PAC 10)
Tommy Parsons - Smithson Valley H.S. Football
2/6/08 - Signed National Letter of Intent with LSU

“As a mother it was so nice to have Doug’s knowledge of the recruiting system, as well as his guidance to lean on throughout Jude’s 3 years of high school in College Promoters. (Not to mention his contacts with the college coaches)”
- Cathy Dworaczyk - San Antonio, TX
Alamo Heights Parent

From Jude’s perspective “It was the comfort and confidence I had all the way through H.S. with Doug in my corner. I really doubt that I’d be headed to NYU this fall and playing college basketball for them, if my mom hadn’t enrolled me in College Promoters of Texas as a sophomore at Alamo Heights.”
- Jude Dworaczyk - Alamo Heights Basketball
* Committed to NYU *

John and Carol Mitchell stand proudly behind their son, Zac, on his signing day at Smithson Valley H.S. Zac’s mom told us how happy they were as parents with Zac’s college opportunity, both academically and athletically.

“We’d never have known anything about the wonderful match for our son at University of the Ozarks if John and I hadn’t enrolled Zac in College Promoters USA. The college’s high national ranking academically, the beautiful campus in northern Arkansas, their terrific faculty/student ratio, as well as how friendly the baseball staff was to our entire family. None of this would have come to be without the hard work and professional promotion of Doug and his CPUSA staff.”
- John & Carol Mitchell - Spring Branch, TX
Smithson Valley H.S. Baseball Parents

“Any high school athlete who is serious about playing sports in college must have College Promoters working for them! BUT, the parents have to do their part in this competitive process or it won’t come to be. You can’t leave this up to your teenager to handle and Doug can’t do it all for you!”
- Mac Russell - Spring Branch, TX
Smithson Valley H.S. Parent

Weinzetl Testimonial

“Chase’s run at the New Braunfels Canyon career rushing record was cut short 3 games into his senior season last fall, by a high school football career ending ACL injury. My hat goes off to Doug and Rob down at College Promoters, and of course to Dr. Starch’s skilled surgery, in assisting Chase to still be offered a D-1 and three Div-2 offers in last February’s ’07 football signing week. Chase is very excited about his decision to accept an appointment to the Air Force Academy after his graduation this May and is looking forward to a Falcon football career in Colorado Springs.”
- Steve Wilke - New Braunfels, TX
New Braunfels Canyon H.S. Parent

“When we signed up with College Promoters USA my wife was somewhat skeptical about the program and was not sure we had made the right choice for our son. She now agrees, ‘We made the right choice!’ Doug has not only handled our son’s promotion, he has truly given us excellent advice over the last three years that no coach or guidance counselor could ever offer! He didn’t always tell me what I wanted to hear, but Doug always told me what I NEEDED to know. His 10 years of experience in the business proved to be worth our investment. Thank you Doug for your advice and help.”
- Marvin Huggar San Antonio, TX
MacArthur H.S. Parent

“College Promoters USA put me in touch with colleges I never would have known about and more importantly, college football programs who never would have known about me as a high school QB. Doug’s positive attitude never let me get my head down about the recruiting process, and I found by staying in touch with him it helped keep me focused on my goals through my senior season.Without CPUSA, there’s no way I’d be headed to Newberry on a fullride D-2 football scholarship.”
- Bryan Ehrlich - Madison H.S. Football
2/6/08 - Signed National Letter of Intent with Newberry College

Ian Harris Testimoial

“Doug and his staff were so much help in organizing the whole process for us. It was all laid out for us with step-by-step accountability. Their understanding and knowledge about the process was so professional. And the constant encouragement was very comforting as a parent.”
- Sam Warren - Boerne, TX
Boerne H.S. Parent

- Joel Warren
Boerne Baseball Player - Class of 2008
* Committed to Abilene Christian Univ. *

“Going to a small high school in San Antonio, there’s no way I would have gotten the chance at a track scholarship without College Promoters! As I head off to the University of Arkansas @ Pine Bluff on my full-ride sprinting scholarship, I’m so grateful to my parents for enrolling me in CPUSA as a junior.”
- Victoria Wiggins
2007 Stacey H.S. Track athlete

Fullride - Univ. of Arkansas @ Pine Bluff

Chase Clement Testimonial

“All I can say is, this would be a very scary experience without Doug representing my daughters. He placed our oldest daughter, Annette, in Memphis U on a D-1 track scholarship and guided our #2 daughter, Michelle, to a fullride volleyball scholarship to D-1 Georgia Southern. Without question, College Promoters played the most important role in Michelle’s receiving her VB offers after we, as parents, had mistakenly relied on her H.S. & club coaches to handle this time consuming task for us.”
- Francis Uzoh - San Antonio, TX
Warren H.S. Parent

“A 17-year old kid just doesn’t have the contacts or the resources that Doug has. It’s because of him that I got through the whole process.”
- Adeanah Pierce
Brackenridge H.S.
S.A. Female Athlete of the Year

Univ. of Southern Miss / UTSA /
So.Carolina State Univ.

On January 14, 2001, the San Antonio Express-News published a half-page Sunday article on the success of Doug's operation.