Take a look below to understand the key elements that differentiate College Promoters USA from the "others" in this industry. 
Learn about what separates us from the pack and get a true understanding of "The College Promoters Difference." 

College Promoters USA (CPUSA) is the only family-owned athlete marketing & college recruiting service in the entire nation with store-front offices and “boots on the ground” in all of the communities we operate within. Our brick-and-mortar approach allows us to develop true relationships with each and every one of our student-athletes and families. Why would you leave your child’s college future in the hands of a telemarketer calling you from a cubicle farm halfway across the country whose main goal is to get your credit card number over the phone like it’s still 1987? Why should you have to dial a 1-800 number to talk to someone different everytime you attempt to inquire about what they are doing for your child 1,500 miles away in a completely different state? Where is their physical office space you can walk into and speak with someone face to face? While 99% of “e-Recruiting” websites do business in such a manner and call it a "service," College Promoters USA prides itself on being transparent and holding its business with integrity to do things the RIGHT WAY. Especially considering we're working with your most prized possession… your child.
So, what is the RIGHT way to do things in this business, you ask? Let’s take a peek below and find out:

Simply put, your child’s college recruitment and scholarship opportunities should be put in the hands of professionals whose passion for seeing these young men and women succeed far surpasses their passion for commissions and financial gain. The “finding a mutual fit” approach we have built our company on means that we are very selective of who we bring into our offices, and ultimately allow into our program. If we enrolled every student-athlete to be a part of this program without proper research and discussion first, we would be no better than the “e-Recruiting” website-based national telemarketing companies mentioned above that we sometimes are lumped in with when people are not aware of what we stand for.

We are looking for true STUDENT-ATHLETES – young men and women who eat, sleep, and breath their respective sport and also put in just as much effort inside the classroom as they do on the field/court. How do we know if a prospect is a fit for the CPUSA system? We meet directly with them and their families face-to-face, for no charge, and allow them to see FIRSTHAND what makes our grassroots, family-owned company and hands-on approach different from the rest of the commission based, corporate dot-com entities that pretend to care about your child and their college future. And you can't just assume you're somehow just going to be "seen" or "found." And we highly recommend not planning on your coaches around you to somehow "do it for you." You get one shot at this process, we highly recommend taking control and making sure it comes to be. And we've been here for 21+ years ensuring that's exactly what happens for our families.
You have to be involved in your college future.
And our team of video & recruiting professionals have you covered from day one to Signing Day.

As we continue to grow our company – our grassroots approach and hands-on style remains constant. We have Area Directors and Scouts working locally on the ground all throughout Texas in Austin, Dallas, Houston, and of course, in San Antonio where this all began. And now we've expanded to the West Coast in California, as well as new reach into the Midwest through Missouri, Kansas & Indiana. The best part? We can come directly to you or you’re always welcome to come directly to us. Our 'College Recruiting Evaluations' are always a very personal, honest, and open discussion about your child’s college athletic future and the reality of what the next level is really all about. Our scouts take pride in physically coming to your home and speaking with you face-to-face, or being available to meet with you at our physical office location(s) in your region for a discussion and an eventual college decision that will impact your son or daughter for their entire life.

Let’s get you recruited. Let’s find you a home at the next level. Let’s do it TOGETHER.