how to get recruited

The process of earning a college athletic scholarship can be overwhelming with no one in your corner helping you through it all.
At College Promoters USA, we work locally, hands-on, and face-to-face with each and every student-athlete that is qualified for our program.

Take a look below and learn about some of the key elements to being successful in the college recruiting process and how CPUSA can help spearhead your recruitment to ensure you earn college athletic scholarships.

1)     Establish Your Gameplan. 

As with anything in life, a plan of action is required before things can really get off the ground. Your recruitment is no different. College coaches are not browsing “e-recruiting” websites with thousands upon thousands of student-athletes on a daily basis hoping that they come across an athlete they are interested in.  Your information needs to be brought directly to their attention. Here at CPUSA, our 23+ years of providing college coaches with quality student-athletes we have hand-picked ourselves have led to over 3,500 student-athletes receiving college scholarships. The best part? We prefer to meet with you face-to-face for an honest evaluation in every aspect and to personally help you establish a custom recruitment battleplan that suits you personally. You simply CANNOT get “evaluated” from & obtain genuine support, direction & guidance through every aspect of this once-in-a-lifetime process from 1,500 miles away, over the telephone, by a different commission-hungry buzzard sitting in a cubicle everytime you want to talk to someone. Don’t be fooled out there.

2)     Check Your Attitude at the Door.

Do not make the mistake of being overly cocky and arrogant because you are good at a particular sport. College coaches do not look at recruiting young men and women solely based on their athletic ability. They want to be able to envision themselves being able to work with coachable, well-mannered young men and women, not immature kids who are more worried about their Instagram follower count than performing well in practice and on game day. Attitude is everything.

3)     Keep your Grades Updated, Available and Respectable.

It does not matter how many touchdowns you score or how many 3 pointers you make if your grades are terrible. Student-athletes who are truly serious about playing their sport in college are not afraid to put in just as much work inside the classroom as they put in on the field or court. Along with your profile and film, your grades will be easily accessible for college coaches to view. The combination of athletic and academic prowess is a hard 1-2 punch for college coaches to ignore. CPUSA does not allow athletes into our program who do not take their classroom responsibilities seriously.

4)     The Holy Grail – Film

College coaches can read all the nice things in the world about you – but without film to back it up, you are wasting their time. Our video team here at CPUSA can do it all. Not only are we experts at compiling your film and creating a superior highlight reel for you – we have no problem going out and personally filming you. That is just one of the many perks of having a local CPUSA Area Scout in your backyard.

5)     Contacting Colleges

CPUSA is about one thing – and that is finding the perfect fit athletically and academically for each one of our student-athletes. It is excellent to have lofty goals – but a “D1 or bust” mentality will hinder you more than it will help. D2, D3, NAIA and junior college programs all offer the opportunity to play at the next level and to get a diploma. Our professional and consistent athlete marketing campaigns, quality social media marketing & custom content creation, and additional tools we provide for personal proactive efforts by the athlete & family are invaluable to truly maximizing this once-in-a-lifetime process.

6)     Think Ahead.

The decision of where you decide to pursue your athletic and academic aspirations is a decision that will follow you for the rest of your life. This is why it is so important to find the perfect FIT for you. Do they have your preferred major? Will you see playing time? How will the degree you earn from your university impact the rest of your adult life? All these questions can be overbearing. Our CPUSA staff embraces these challenges, and will walk through this decision making process with you HAND-IN-HAND and FACE-TO-FACE, not from only behind a computer screen or over the telephone from halfway across the country. Having a local resource to lean on for support through the entire process is arguably the greatest asset we bring to this investment in your student-athlete.

Ready to get proactive and take the necessary steps toward your college athletic future?