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  • Where are you located? +

    Our home office is located in San Antonio, just west of the 281 & 1604 interchange, in the Ventura Plaza Shopping Center (with such places as Silo Restaurant & Gigi's Cupcakes), at 434 N. Loop 1604 West #3204 - SATX 78232. Our shopping center is located off of the eastbound 1604 access road between Blanco Rd. & Stone Oak Pkwy. Stop in and come see our operation anytime!

    Learn more about our other locations throughout Texas and around the country.
  • What does College Promoters do for high school athletes? +

    College Promoters provides professional marketing, exposure, and personal one-on-one guidance for every athlete we have the priviledge of representing through their entire high school career.

    Our hands-on and one-of-a-kind system includes national (and even international exposure when requested) via the College Promoters website at This includes the creation of the student-athlete's interactive Recruiting Profile, with unlimited updates along the way, plus the creation of their professional, emebdded online videos that are always produced right here in-house by our video production team as many times as necessary throughout the entire recruiting process.

    We then approaches coaches and programs on your student-athlete's behalf from personalized and direct e-mails about your athlete. These emails and contacts are done straight from the hands of our recruiting professionals. Our work is not done purely through some generic "mass e-mail" system! We pride ourselves on our personal and hands-on approach to working with you and your athlete as well as our direct contacts and communication with coaches at the next level. Our staff regularly engages in follow-ups and direct phone conversations with college coaches and recruiting coordinators on your athlete's behalf as well.

    Please understand we are not some "come one, come all" national telemarketing website that you'll never meet or speak to. We have been family owned and operated since College Promoters was created in 1997 and are now entering our 17th year of business. We have represented nearly 2,500 athletes to date and every athlete in our program receives multiple scholarship opportunities to compete at the college level.

    Don't be misled by one of the money-driven and online-based "warehouse websites" that enroll 20,000+ athletes every year. (Yes, you read that right... 20,000+ kids every YEAR!) Your athlete is already a needle in the haystack. Do you REALLY think college coaches are searching through 20,000+ "prospects" on a massive website looking for high school athletes to contact and recruit? Don't be fooled or be lied to. They're not. Coaches recruit athletes that they are informed about via their staff, through trusted services, businesses and individuals just like College Promoters. Coaches also recruit from their live, direct and in-person recruiting efforts at actual events, camps and combines. The key is already being on their radar before attending these events. We specialize in making that happen.

    Becoming just another name on their "warehouse website" and another "sale" for their telemarketing salesforce is a drastic mistake that tens of thousands of families are making every year. College Promoters hand selects each and every athlete that enters our program. It is this attention and individual approach to each family that has led to the highest placement percentage of any service in the industry.

    Our home office location, in the Ventura Plaza at 434 N. Loop 1604 West in San Antonio, is open 6 days a week to serve all of our enrollees and their families personally, face-to-face, via email and of course over the telephone if needed anytime!

    Contact us and learn about the "College Promoters difference" today!

  • Do you have video editing services available? +

    Yes. Our in-house video shop is available to all of our enrollees, as well as to area athletes not enrolled in College Promoters. We create video for hundreds of athletes throughout the state of Texas every year and have created thousands of quality video products over our 20 years in service.

    Video footage and our professional editing and productions (with unlimited updates) are embedded directly into each athlete's Recruiting Profile and are included in all of our Career Enrollment Packages.

    Contact us anytime with any video needs you may have!

  • How many athletes do you select each year? +

    College Promoters is not a "come one, come all" program that accepts any athlete into our system. We hand-select a limited number of quality student-athletes each school year. Our allowed number of athletes gradually increases each year, but never expands beyond our control. We currently accept 250 total athletes each year.

    Our prospective student-athletes are chosen by academic status, athletic success, leadership qualities, and their desire to get to the next level. Every interested student-athlete who contacts us or fills out the "Evaluation Questionnaire" on our website is guaranteed a no-cost, no-obligation academic and athletic recruiting evaluation with our professional staff that has over 40 years of combined experience in the college recruiting industry.
  • What is the fee for your professional representation? +

    We keep it very simple. We offer one all-inclusive 'Career Enrollment' Package that entails EVERYTHING necessary for your student-athlete throughout their entire career. It's a one-time cost, not some yearly renewal or subscription price tag. We don't do more for one family, and less for another by allowing unnecessary "lower-tier" options that don't provide true, full-scale unlimited support & service only to then "nickel and dime" you at every corner when you seek ongoing assistance from our staff. Our pricing simply varies based on how old your son/daughter is, and at what point you begin the program. As always, no interest payment arrangements are available for up to 12 months if necessary. We offer our Career Enrollment package as low as $1,495. And again, it's a one-time fee. Once it's paid, our services are retained throughout your student-athlete's entire HS career and through their 4 years of college eliibility. This is a true SERVICE and one-of-a-kind. Not some "one-man band" in your community or some "dot-com" seeking to see how many kids we can put up on a website. This is about working as a TEAM throughout the entire process right alongside your student-athlete and family TOGETHER.
  • Have you helped any other athletes from our high school? +

    We have represented nearly 3,500 athletes as of the Summer of 2016, attending high schools throughout Texas and beyond, dating back to the Class of 1997. Feel free to go in and view our currently enrolled student-athletes or take a look around the 'Hall of Fame' or 'Athletes of the Year' areas to see some of the past athletes and College Promoters "legends" from your high school and other schools who have benefited from being invited into the College Promoters network.
  • What is your success ratio in previous years? +

    Every student-athlete accepted into College Promoters who has followed our guidance, adhered to our system and the program curriculum in place has received a minimum of 3 scholarship offers from colleges and universities offering the opportunity to pursue their sport at the next level.
  • How do I register for the SAT/ ACT test or the NCAA/ NAIA Eligibility Centers? +

    We provide many free resources right here on our website to get registered for your SAT/ACT's, NCAA/NAIA Eligibility Centers, and many other valuable links and references. Our personal guidance and support for all of our enrolled families covers all of these issues directly, but even as a guest visiting our site, feel free to go to the "Recruiting 101" tab and click on "Useful Resources" drop down. For your convenience, we have attached the links you need to register for the SAT and ACT tests, the NCAA and NAIA Eligibility Centers, plus a link to every 4-year college and university in the entire country. This, among many other informative links and pages can be found that relate to the NCAA and the recruiting process.

    Any questions, whether you are enrolled in our program or not, please feel free to contact us and let us know anytime!
  • My son/daughter is only a Freshman. Are we too early for enrollment? +

    The recruiting process is starting sooner and sooner every year these days. 20 years ago, when we first started this business, we aimed for enrolling our selected athletes in the 2nd semester of their sophomore to be able to fully maximize our service and having enough time to fully utilize the time needed throughout the recruiting process from start to finish. Today, the recruiting process literally begins the day student-athletes step foot on their high school campus.

    An athlete's sophomore and junior years in high school are still the most important years for their academic and athletic accomplishments and in regards to the college recruiting process as well. College coaches assemble the athletes they want to follow and ultimately recruit in their freshman and sophomore years and start making verbal offers by their junior year. Sometimes even earlier.

    So, the longer you wait to get started, the more likely it becomes that you will miss out on many potential opportunities that will have already been offered to other student-athletes that the college decision makers have been watching. Especially at the bigger, Division I programs throughout the country.
  • What can you do for us that our high school coach can't do? +

    While most high school coaches are good people and truly want to see you get to the next level, it's simply not their job. Simply put, high school coaches are paid to win games. Most of them really would love to personally help all of their athletes obtain scholarship offers and most coaches will help to the best of their ability if you create recruitment or if a college coach directly contacts them. But the fact is, they simply do not have the time or the resources to do so anywhere near as effectively as we can. Coaches are busy coaching, helping you become a better athlete, coordinating practices, studying opponent film and game situations, focusing on the schedule and games ahead and often times teaching 4-5 classes per day! Those responsibilities are very difficult, stressful and it's a full-time job in and of itself. Whereas 100% of College Promoters time and energy, 6 days a week, goes to ensure each and every individual student-athlete in the program is recruited to their full potential.

    College Promoters works closely with many high school coaches all across the area to help identify the most qualified student-athletes. Those personal relationships ensure that we continue to invite and select only the most serious and dedicated high school prospects for our program every year.
  • I am already getting questionnaires from colleges, so why do I need to enroll with College Promoters? +

    Simply put, until a college coach sees you play, either in person or by watching your video, and actually starts communicating directly with you via e-mail, personal phone calls or invites for a direct visit to their campus, you are NOT being considered as a serious recruit.

    Tens of thousands of high school student-athletes from all 50 states are mailed questionnaires and camp invites every day, only to be disappointed because they never receive an offer from any college because they did not know and did not do the correct things to facilitate that initial questionnaire into more communication, more contacts, real recruitment and into an actual scholarship offer.
  • How many sub-5A athletes do you select each year? +

    We make a strong effort to build each senior class out of one half 5A male/female athletes and the other half an equal number of male/female students from sub-5A, TAPPS and private high schools. We have made every effort to select our classes this way for the past 16 years so that the rural or sub-5A athletes of Texas don't get overlooked.
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