After nearly a decade working together with Mr. Anthony Williams and his Texas Football Showcase (TFS) events,
we're proud to announce we've now put together an exclusive partnership with the Texas Football Showcase team! 

The "official" partnership comes as a result of a very strong mutual respect between the Smith & Williams families of one another that's developed for over 10 years now. It started way back with our founder, Doug Smith, who met Anthony Williams just as his oldest son first entered high school in the Austin, TX area and the two "united" to help connect Austin/Centex area families to our one-of-a-kind, local, and hands-on recruiting system! 

Now a decade later, Doug's son, Greg, shares the same visions with Mr. Williams and the TFS team of not only what the Texas Football Showcase can be and what it can bring to Texas families, but also what all of us working together can do to truly help bring REAL VALUE to Texas families & student-athletes. So take a look below and check out the event schedule and some of the exciting new things Texas Football Showcase is bringing to a location near you throughout our "Great State of Texas" coming Spring 2018! 

Check out the clip above! Texas Football Showcase Founder, Anthony Williams, and College Promoters USA President, Greg Smith, speak on their new partnership and discuss the upcoming 2018 Texas Football Showcase events & all the new exciting changes in the TFS events coming to cities all over Texas this Spring 2018!

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What's new in 2018 for the Texas Football Showcase events?

  • College Coaches from D2, D3, NAIA, & Junior College programs will be in attendance evaluating recruits. We're taking a much stronger approach inviting coaches/staff early-on throughout the Winter to ensure they have time to plan and are sure to add our TFS events to their Spring recruiting schedules!

  • Full-scale "College Fair" environment. We'll be inviting colleges from all over Texas and surrounding region to come set up booths and have representatives on-site to represent their college or university, provide literature, answer questions, etc. for all parents & student-athletes in attendance. 

  • All attendees will receive a free "Texas Football Showcase" custom Recruit Profile (powered by College Promoters USA) with all Showcase results and other athletic/academic information as available and will remain hosted until graduation. 

  • Live discussion & seminars across a wide range of topics for parents & student-athletes to get truly EDUCATED on the REALITIES of the college recruiting process, social media and it's growing role, NCAA eligiibility, discussion and perspective directly from college coach, our President, Greg Smith, will also be onsite to provide the most proactive insight & truth to the process at each event as well among so many other great individuals seeking to truly help. We all seek to EDUCATE parents & student-athletes. To empower families to take control of their own recruiting process and create quality college athletic opportunities to allow all passionate, hardworking recruits the ability to obtain the best college education possible. 

  • 1-on-1's (Skill) / OL L-Cone, Obstacle Course & 1-on-1’s, Height / Weight stations, Dynamic stretch, Testing, Position Drills, etc.

  • Awards ceremony and acknowledgements

2018 Texas Football Showcase Event Schedule: 

  • Feb 11th: Unsigned Senior Showcase
  • Mar. 4th: Central Texas Showcase
  • Apr. 22nd: East Texas Showcase
  • Apr. 29th: Dallas/Fort Worth Showcase
  • May 6th: Greater Houston Showcase
There will be much more information, live interviews, video content, and other insight to come as the 2018 events draw nearer! But REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN and you can lock in insane value right now for any of the great Texas Football Showcase events on the slate for 2018!

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Space will be limited and these WILL SELL OUT so reserve your spot today. See you out there Spring 2018! LET'S GO PUT IN WORK!