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434 N. Loop 1604 West Suite #3204
San Antonio, TX 78232
PH#: 210-494-6363


The College Promoters USA team seen above in a Dec 2015 shot at the corporate home office in San Antonio.
(Seen from left to right - FRONT ROW: Tony Cerbo, Doug Smith, Greg Smith, Sheri Smith, & Jimmy Andrews
BACK ROW: John-Michael Hernandez, Tommy DeLong, Jameson Dimock, & Matt Muniz)
(NOT SEEN: Our Houston, Austin, DFW & Colorado directors were not available at time of photo)

"20+ Years - 3,500+ Athletes"

To get the quickest response back to you, please select an appropriate point of contact from the San Antonio Corporate Office or select your location to contact your Area Representative below:

  • Questions about College Promoters in general, business development, franchising, website issues, etc.?
    Contact Greg Smith
  • Questions regarding an appointment, recruiting help, or other updates to your profile?
    Contact John-Michael
  • Need to update your profile or make a payment?
    Contact Sheri Smith
  • Questions regarding video editing, production, or event filming?
    Contact Matt Muniz
  • Not sure what your question relates to?
    Contact us and we'll get you an answer!

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