Jenna Adkins - Flatwoods, KY
KY Premier & Russell Independent H.S.

Personal Information

Name:Jenna AdkinsCity & State:Flatwoods, KYBirth Year:2004
Point Guard / Shooting Guard2023 Graduate

Physical Attributes

Height:5' 7"Weight:150Bench:90Squat:200Speed:6:03/MileHanded:RightPositions:PG, SGAdditional Sport:SC

Athletic Accomplishments

This young lady plays basketball at Russell Independent H.S., competing in highly regarded pay in Kentucky. An elite Combo Guard that has already made her mark athletically on the H.S. and AAU courts, Jenna is ahead of her years athletically and proved from an early age that she could compete against older players without skipping a beat. To say Jenna is a young lady to keep a close eye on would be a tremendous understatement! See below for her impressive list of accolades by year.

Junior Accolades
EKC Defensive Player of the Year Honors
All-Region Team Honors
All-District Team Honors
All-Conference EKC Team Honors
District Champs

Sophomore Accolades
All-District Team Honors
EKC All-Conference Honors
District Champs
Region Champs
State Elite 8 Appearance

Freshman Accolades
Full-Time Varsity Starter

8th Grade Accolades
H.S. Varsity Player
OVC All-Conference Player
OVC All-Tournament Player
Leading Scorer on Team
1,000+ Points Scored

7th Grade Accolades
H.S. JV Player
All-Tournament Honors
Leading Scorer on Team

Athletic Statistics

Standing 5'7" as a junior, Jenna combines her superb court vision with her lockdown defense, her nonstop motor and her high basketball IQ to have a BRIGHT future ahead of herself at RIHS, with her AAU squad, and beyond. As soon as her stats are provided to us, they will be posted here!

Scholastic Information

School:Russell Independent H.S.Graduation Year:2023GPA:5.0 (weighted)Major:Animal Science
Honors:Honors/Dual-Enrollment Courses, Beta Club, Key Club, Community Volunteer

High School Coach:Mandy LaynePhone:(606) 923-0667Second or Club Coach:David TapleyPhone:(606) 307-9454Club Team:KY Premier

Upcoming Schedule & Recent News

OFFERS (To-Date)
Kentucky Christian University

Jenna also understands the importance of keeping her grades up to reach her collegiate goals. As a junior, she is carrying a perfect 5.0 weighted GPA, including Honors/Dual-Enrollment Courses, and will be taking her SAT/ACT exams as an upperclassman. For more information on Jenna, contact our National Director of Girls Basketball, Rebekah Morgan, at (706) 506-1418. Our staff at the Corporate Office in San Antonio can also be reached at (210) 494-6363 anytime!

Beta Club
Key Club