Aly Papka - Henderson, NV
LVSA GA & Foothill H.S.

Personal Information

Name:Aly PapkaCity & State:Henderson, NVBirth Year:2006
MF / FWD2024 Graduate

Physical Attributes

Height:5' 4"Weight:122Handed:RightPositions:MF, FWD

Athletic Accomplishments

This young lady is a freshman at Foothill H.S., competing in highly regarded play in Nevada. Able to dominate at both MF/FWD, Aly has shown tremendous upside already despite her young age. On the select circuit, she runs with LVSA GA and is a force on the pitch. In store for a huge remainder of her high school and club careers, to say Aly is a young lady to keep a close eye on would be a tremendous understatement!

Athletic Statistics

Standing 5'4" as an incoming sophomore, Aly combines her aggressive style of play with her natural playmaking abilities, her communication skills on the pitch, her ability to dominate at multiple positions and her high soccer IQ to have a BRIGHT future ahead of herself. As soon as her stats are provided to us, they will be posted here!

Scholastic Information

School:Foothill H.S.Graduation Year:2024GPA:3.7SAT:2022ACT:2022Enrollment:2,848Major:Undecided
Honors:Multiple Honors Courses

Second or Club Coach:Keren SharabiPhone:(217) 766-0330Club Team:LVSA GA

Upcoming Schedule & Recent News

While Aly has already started to prove herself athletically in both high school and club play already, she is also focused on keeping her grades up to reach her collegiate goals. As an incoming sophomore, Aly is carrying an excellent 3.7 GPA, including multiple Honors Courses, and will be taking her official SAT/ACT exams in the future. For more information on Aly, contact our NV based team directly at (775) 397-3149, and feel free to reach out to our Home Office in San Antonio at (210) 494-6363 anytime, as well!

Apex Predators Coach (Flag Football) - Todd Thomson

Coach Quotes
"Aly is a player every coach wants on his/her team. She will work hard, motivate others, ask questions, and always want to get better, just like a true leader."
- Coach Karen Sharabi (Club Coach)