Iuclid Saldana - San Antonio, TX
AFTP Hoops & South San H.S.

Personal Information

Name:Iuclid SaldanaCity & State:San Antonio, TX
Point Guard2025 Graduate

Physical Attributes

Height:6'Weight:165Bench:TBDSquat:TBDSpeed:TBDVertical Leap:TBDHanded:RightPositions:PG, SG

Athletic Accomplishments

This 2025 grad plays basketball at always strong South San H.S., competing in highly regarded 6A play in San Antonio. A true Guard that can be utilized at both PG & SG without skipping a beat, Iuclid is also a standout on his AFTP Hoops squad on the ultra-competitive AAU circuit. In store for a huge high school career, to say Iuclid is a young man to keep a close eye on would be a tremendous understatement!

Athletic Statistics

Standing 6'-165lbs as an incoming sophomore, Iuclid combines his elite court vision with his nonstop motor, his ability to thread the need as a passer, his lockdown defense and his high basketball IQ to have a BRIGHT future ahead of himself at 6A SSHS, with his AFTP Hoops AAU team, and beyond. As soon as his stats are provided to us when his season tips off, they will be posted here!

Scholastic Information

School:South San H.S.Graduation Year:2025District:6ASAT:2023ACT:2023Enrollment:2,254Major:UndecidedSecond or Club Coach:Gary DurbonPhone:(210) 386-1091Club Team:AFTP Hoops

Upcoming Schedule & Recent News

Iuclid is also focused on his academic achievements, and will be taking his official SAT/ACT exams in the future. For more information on this young Floor General, contact his coaches directly, and feel free to reach out to our San Antonio based staff at (210) 494-6363 anytime, as well!