Andrew Johnson - San Antonio, TXSA CobrasSt. Anthony H.S.

Personal Information

Name:Andrew JohnsonCity & State:San Antonio, TXBirth Year:2001
Shooting Guard / Wing2020 Graduate

Physical Attributes

Height:6'1"Weight:175Bench:205Squat:250Handed:AmbidextrousSport:BasketballPositions:#2, #3

Athletic Accomplishments

This 2020 grad plays basketball at St. Anthony H.S., competing in highly competitive Private School play in the Greater San Antonio area. As a junior last year en-route to their 2019 TCAL State Championship, Andrew was a starter on the varsity unit and was a huge reason for their success. As a sophomore at Madison H.S., Andrew was the starting Shooting Guard on the JV unit. Also the starting SG for the highly respected SA Cobras AAU team which is coached and overseen by his parents, Andrew rarely steps off the court and has an excellent support system around him helping him reach his goals. Poised for a massive senior season, Andrew is WITHOUT A DOUBT a young man to keep a close eye on in both high school and AAU play!

Athletic Statistics

Standing 6'-175lbs as a senior, Andrew combines his superb court vision with his aggressive style of play, his lockdown defense, and his high basketball IQ to have a BRIGHT future still ahead of himself at St. Anthony H.S., with his SA Cobras AAU team, and beyond. As a junior at SAHS, he averaged 12 points, 5 assists, and 5 rebounds per contest.

Scholastic Information

School:St. Anthony H.S.Graduation Year:2020District:PrivateGPA:3.8SAT:2019ACT:2019Enrollment:306Major:KinesiologyHigh School Coach:Javasse KearneySecond or Club Coach:Dwayne SmithClub Team:SA Cobras

Upcoming Schedule & Recent News

While Andrew has already proven himself on the basketball courts in both high school and AAU play to-date, he also understands the importance of keeping his grades up to reach his collegiate goals. As a senior, Andrew is carrying a 3.8 GPA and will be taking his SAT/ACT exams in Winter 2019. For more information on this bright, well-mannered young man, contact our San Antonio based staff at (210) 494-6363 anytime!<br /><br /><span style="text-decoration: underline;"><strong>2019-2020 Varsity Basketball Schedule</strong></span><br />11/5/19 - vs. Jubilee, 7pm<br />11/7/19 - vs. TMI, 7pm<br />11/15/19 - vs. Utopia, 7pm<br />11/16/19 - @ Fox Tech, 1pm<br />11/19/19 - vs. Devine, 7:30pm<br />11/21/19-11/23/19 - Harlandale ISD Tip-Off Classic&nbsp;<br />11/26/19 - vs. Blanco, 11:30am<br />12/3/19 - @ Marion, 7:30pm<br />12/5/19-12/7/19 - Tilden Tournament @ Tilden&nbsp;<br />12/10/19 - @ Hondo, 7:30pm<br />12/12/19-12/14/19 - SAISD Tournament&nbsp;<br />12/17/19 - @ Crystal City, 7:30pm<br />12/20/19 - vs. Lytle, 5:30pm<br />12/27/19-12/28/19 - OLH Holiday Basketball Tournament @ Kerville<br />12/30/19 - vs. St. Augustine-Laredo, 3:30pm<br />1/4/20 - @ Tilden, 1pm&nbsp;<br />1/7/19 - @ Centerpoint, 7pm<br />1/10/20 - vs. Smiley, 6:30pm<br />1/14/20 - vs. Karnes City, 6:30pm<br />1/17/20 - @ Jubilee, 7pm<br />1/21/20 - @ Holy Cross, 7:30pm<br />1/24/20 - @ San Antonio Christian, 7:30pm<br />1/27/20 - vs. St. Joes (Victoria), 7:30pm<br />1/31/20 - vs. FEAST, 7:30pm<br />2/4/20 - @ Johnson (Hays CISD), 7pm<br />2/7/20 - vs. Burbank, 7:30pm<br />2/11/20 - vs. San Antonio Christian, 7:30pm<br />2/14/20 - @ FEAST, 7:30pm<br />2/18/20 - vs. Johnson (Hays CISD) *Sr. Night, 7:30pm