Luke Gildred - Santa Ynez, CA
Central Coast Bombers 7on7 & Santa Ynez H.S.

Personal Information

Name:Luke GildredCity & State:Santa Ynez, CA
Quarterback2023 Graduate

Physical Attributes

Height:5' 11"Weight:175Bench:210Squat:300Speed:4.71/40ydHanded:RightPositions:QB,

Athletic Accomplishments

This up-and-coming 2023 grad is a QB at Santa Ynez H.S., competing in highly regarded play in CA. As a freshman as the starting QB on the JV unit, Luke was named his team's Offensive MVP, earned the Most Inspirational Athlete Honor, and also earned 4 separate Offensive Player of the Week awards for his standout play. As a junior this fall en-route to his Central Coast Player of the Week & Pacific View Co-OPY Honors, he was the starting QB on the varsityunit for the second year in a row and performed very well. To say he is a young man to keep a close eye on would be a tremendous understatement!

Athletic Statistics

Standing 5'11" as a junior, Luke combines his superb field vision with his strong arm, his ability to decipher defenses pre-snap and his natural leadership qualities to have a BRIGHT future ahead of himself. See below for his impressive stats!

Junior Stats (Varsity)
Passing Yards - 1,535
Rushing Yards - 428
TD's - 22

Power Clean - 170lbs
Deadlift - 375lbs

Scholastic Information

School:Santa Ynez H.S.Graduation Year:2023GPA:5.0 (weighted)SAT:2021ACT:2021Enrollment:850Major:Undecided
Honors:All Honors/AP Courses, Central Coast Math Superbowl Champion, Student Athlete Award

High School Coach:Josh McClurgPhone:(805) 245-0560Second or Club Coach:Buddy GarciaPhone:(805) 621-3780Club Team:Central Coast Bombers 7on7

Upcoming Schedule & Recent News

While Luke has already started to turn heads on the football fields in his career to-date, he is also focused on keeping his grades up to reach his collegiate goals. As a junior, Luke is carrying a SOLID 5.0 weighted GPA, including all AP/Honors Courses, earned the Student-Athlete Award, and will be taking his SAT/ACT exams later in his high school career. For more information on Luke, contact our West Coast Area Director, Ryan Weisenberg, at (626) 893-9378. Our staff at the Corporate Office in San Antonio can also be reached at (210) 494-6363 anytime!