Aaron Olivas - San Antonio, TX
Banditos & O'Connor H.S.

Personal Information

Name:Aaron OlivasCity & State:San Antonio, TXBirth Year:2004
OF / MIF2023 Graduate

Physical Attributes

Height:5' 11"Weight:180Bench:210Squat:275Speed:6.9/60yd (HH)Handed:Right, Bats LeftPositions:OF, MIFAdditional Sport:FB

Athletic Accomplishments

This 2023 grad plays baseball at O'Connor H.S., competing in highly regarded District 28-6A play in the Greater San Antonio Area. As a freshman last year, Aaron was a standout from his OF/MIF positions. Playing his select ball with the loaded Banditos squad, he is used primarily at CF, is also used at MIF, and sees time as the leadoff/2-hole batter. Poised for a massive high school career, Aaron is WITHOUT A DOUBT a young man to keep a close eye on!

Instagram: @aaron_twoz

Athletic Statistics

Standing 5'11"-180lbs as a sophomore, Aaron combines his disciplined approach at the plate with his high baseball IQ and his ability to dominate at multiple positions to have a BRIGHT future still ahead of himself at OCHS, with his Banditos select squad, and beyond. As soon as his stats are provided to us, they will be posted here!

IF Velocity - 85mph
Exit Velocity - 88mph

Scholastic Information

School:O'Connor H.S.Graduation Year:2023District:28-6AGPA:3.2Enrollment:3,300Major:Undecided
Honors:Pre-AP Courses, FCA, FFA

High School Coach:Weston HeiligmanClub Team:Banditos

Upcoming Schedule & Recent News

Aaron also understands the importance of keeping his grades up to reach his collegiate goals. As a sophomore, he is carrying a solid 3.2 GPA, including Pre-AP Courses, is a member of FCA, FFA, and will be taking his SAT/ACT exams later in his high school career. He is also the full-time starting Fullback on the varsity football team at OCHS, as well. For more information on Aaron, contact our San Antonio based staff at (210) 494-6363 anytime!