McKenly McLaughlin - Georgetown, TXAction Baseball Club - 17U JacksonEast View H.S.

Personal Information

Name:McKenly McLaughlinCity & State:Georgetown, TX
1B / C / DH2021 Graduate

Physical Attributes

Height:5' 10"Weight:225Bench:265Squat:500Handed:RightSport:BaseballPositions:1B, CAdditional Sport:FB

Athletic Accomplishments

This 2021 grad plays baseball at East View H.S., competing in highly regarded District 18-5A play in the Greater Austin Area. As a sophomore on the loaded varsity unit, McKenly was a full-time starter all year long at DH en-route to his Honorable Mention All-District Honors, but also saw some time behind the plate at Catcher and at 1B as well. The starting 1B and 4-Hole hitter with his Action Baseball Club squad, McKenly is no stranger to elite competition on the loaded select circuit and was named to the WWBA Perfect Game All-Tourney Team for his standout play, where he hit over .400. As a junior this past year, he was a full-time starter to-be at 1B, but also saw time behind the plate once again as well en-route to his All-Region Honorable Mention Team Honors. In the Summer of 2020, he was named the 19th ranked 1B in Texas and 137 overall in the nation by Perfect Game. Poised for a MASSIVE senior season, McKenly is WITHOUT A DOUBT a young man to keep a close eye on in both high school and select play!<br /><br /><strong>Twitter:</strong> @mckenlymclaugh1

Athletic Statistics

Standing 5'10"-225lbs as an incoming senior, McKenly combines his raw power at the plate with his high baseball IQ and his ability to dominate at multiple positions to have a BRIGHT future still ahead of himself at EVHS, on the select circuit, and beyond. This past club season, McKenly only struck out 5 times in 100+ AB's. As soon as his stats are released, they will be posted here!<br /><br /><span style="text-decoration: underline; color: #ff0000;"><strong>2020 EVHS Stats (shortened season due to COVID-19)</strong></span><br /><strong>GP</strong> - 12<br /><strong>PA</strong> - 39<br /><strong>AB</strong> - 32<br /><strong>H</strong> - 10<br /><strong>1B</strong> - 10<br /><strong>RBI</strong> - 4<br /><strong>R</strong> - 7<br /><strong>ROE</strong> - 1<br /><strong>FC</strong> - 2<br /><strong>BB</strong> - 7<br /><strong>SO</strong> - 1<br /><strong>AVG</strong> - .313<br /><strong>OBP</strong> - .436<br /><strong>SLG</strong> - .313<br /><strong>OPS</strong> - .748<br /><strong>DP</strong> - 1<br /><strong>FPCT</strong> - .939<br /><br /><span style="text-decoration: underline; color: #ff0000;"><strong>Action 17U Jackson Stats</strong></span><br /><strong>GP</strong> - 4<br /><strong>PA</strong> - 13<br /><strong>AB</strong> - 10<br /><strong>H</strong> - 5<br /><strong>1B</strong> - 2<br /><strong>2B</strong> - 2<br /><strong>3B</strong> - 1<br /><strong>RBI</strong> - 4<br /><strong>R</strong> - 4<br /><strong>BB</strong> - 3<br /><strong>AVG</strong> - .5<br /><strong>OBP</strong> - .615<br /><strong>SLG</strong> - .9<br /><strong>OPS</strong> - 1.515<br /><strong>DP</strong> - 4<br /><strong>FPCT</strong> - 1<br /><br /><span style="text-decoration: underline; color: #ff0000;"><strong>Action Baseball 18U Jackson (EV) Stats</strong></span><br /><strong>GP</strong> - 24<br /><strong>PA</strong> - 72<br /><strong>AB</strong> - 58<br /><strong>H</strong> - 20<br /><strong>1B</strong> - 12<br /><strong>2B</strong> - 6<br /><strong>3B</strong> - 2<br /><strong>RBI</strong> - 17<br /><strong>R</strong> - 16<br /><strong>ROE</strong> - 6<br /><strong>FC</strong> - 1<br /><strong>BB</strong> - 11<br /><strong>SO</strong> - 6<br /><strong>AVG</strong> - .345<br /><strong>OBP</strong> - .431<br /><strong>SLG</strong> - .517<br /><strong>OPS</strong> - .948<br /><strong>DP</strong> - 7<br /><strong>FPCT</strong> - .991

Scholastic Information

School:East View H.S.Graduation Year:2021District:18-5AGPA:3.9SAT:930ACT:2020Enrollment:1,418Major:Business / Kinesiology
Honors:Dual-Credit Courses, Honors Courses, Academic All-District Honors

High School Coach:Matt PullenSecond or Club Coach:Jeff KentClub Team:Action Baseball Club - 17U Jackson

Upcoming Schedule & Recent News

While McKenly has already proven himself athletically on the baseball fields in both high school and select play to-date, he also understands the importance of keeping his grades up to reach his collegiate goals. As an incoming senior, McKenly is carrying a solid 3.9 GPA, including Honors & Dual-Credit courses, earned Academic All-District Honors, and scored 930 on his first SAT take. For more information on McKenly, contact our San Antonio based staff at (210) 494-6363 anytime!