Eric Harding - Leavenworth, KS
Building Champions & Leavenworth H.S.

Personal Information

Name:Eric HardingCity & State:Leavenworth, KSBirth Year:2001
RHP / 3B2020 Graduate

Physical Attributes

Height:5' 9"Weight:178Bench:175Squat:375Speed:7.2/60ydHanded:RightPositions:RHP, 3B

Athletic Accomplishments

This 2020 grad plays baseball at Leavenworth H.S., competing in highly regarded 5A play in Leavenworth, KS. As a sophomore, Eric was a RHP/3B on the varsity unit for the second year in a row. As a freshman splitting time between both the JV & varsity, he was named "Ace of the Year" for his standout performance on the mound. Playing his select ball with the well respected Building Champions squad, Eric received an 8.0 Perfect Game rating, made their All-Tournament Super 25 Team, and is WITHOUT A DOUBT a young man to keep a close eye on as an upperclassman!

Camp Invites
Johnson County
Wichita State
Fort Wayne
South Alabama
Indiana State
PG Midwest Showcase

Athletic Statistics

Standing 5'9"-178lbs as a junior, Eric combines his 4 pitch arsenal with his ability to play multiple positions to have a BRIGHT future still ahead of himself in both high school and select play. Finishing in the Top 10 in both Infield and Pitching velocities at the Rocky Mountain Showcase and also posting the lowest ERA on his high school team last year as a sophomore, Eric is ahead of his years athletically. As soon as his stats are provided to us, they will be posted here!

Arm Strength: 80-82mph
Slider: 74-77mph
Curveball: 70-73mph
Change Up: 70-73mph

Scholastic Information

School:Leavenworth H.S.Graduation Year:2020District:5AGPA:3.0Enrollment:1,000Major:Business
Honors:1 Honors Course

High School Coach:Justin BodePhone:(913) 683-0373Second or Club Coach:Troy PendergastPhone:(816) 391-9563Club Team:Building Champions

Upcoming Schedule & Recent News

While Eric has already proven himself in both high school and select play to-date, he is also focused on keeping his grades up to reach his lofty collegiate goals. As a junior, Eric is carrying a solid 3.0 GPA, including 1 honors course. For more information on Eric, contact our Kansas City Metro Area Director, Dionandre Josenberger, at (816) 602-4235. Our staff at the Corporate Office in San Antonio can also be reached at (210) 494-6363 anytime.

Volunteer / Community Service
Salvation Army
Special Olympics

Upcoming Schedule:
4/5 - vs. Lansing H.S. @ L.H.S.
4/9 - vs. Lansing H.S. @ Home
4/16- vs. Turner H.S. @ Home
4/19- vs. Belton H.S. @ Lawrence Free State
4/23- vs. Emporia H.S. @ Home
4/24- vs. Turner H.S. @ Steineger Field
4/30- vs. Shawnee Heights H.S. @ Bettis Sports Complex
5/2- vs. Shawnee Heights H.S. @ Home
5/6- vs. Gardner Edgerton H.S. @ G.E.H.S.
5/7 - vs. Wyandotte H.S. @ Home