Maylin Garrett - San Antonio, TX
SA Force 171 Darkside & Antonian College Prep H.S.

Personal Information

Name: Maylin Garrett City & State: San Antonio, TX Birth Year: 1999
6-ROTATION OH 2018 Graduate

Physical Attributes

Height: 6' 0" Weight: 153 Bench: 115 Vertical Leap: 10' 4" Approach Handed: Right Positions: OH,

Athletic Accomplishments

This 2018 grad plays volleyball at Antonian College Preparatory H.S., competing in TAPPS 2-5A play in the San Antonio area. As a sophomore at Clark H.S., Maylin competed as a six-rotation OH, had the 2nd most kills on the team, earned Unanimous 1st Team All-District honors and qualified for JO's in the Open Division with her Alamo 16's Premier Club. As a freshman, she again started at OH, led the team in kills/points, was named to the "Freshman 59" List and again earned All-District honors. With her SA Magic 151's club team in 2015, she won the JO's in the USA Division and was also named to the AVCA Under Armour Phenom List. As a senior this year, Maylin helped lead Antonian to yet another TAPPS 5A State Championship and was named to the All-Tournament team, as well! 

Athletic Statistics

Standing 6'0"-153lbs as a senior, Maylin combines her 10' 4" approach jump with her 7' 6" standing reach to certainly have a bright collegiate future at the University of Arkansas still ahead of herself!

Approach Jump: 10' 4"
Block Jump: 9' 11"
Box Jump: 51"
Wingspan: 6' 2" (Female)

Scholastic Information

School: Antonian College Prep H.S. Graduation Year: 2018 District: TAPPS 2-5A GPA: 3.75 SAT: TBA Class Rank: Top 25% Enrollment: 2,700 Major: Pre-Med / Engineering
Honors: Multiple AP/Pre-AP Courses

High School Coach: Samantha McLure Phone: (210) 344-9265 Second or Club Coach: Jamie Blair Phone: (210) 279-5684 Club Team: SA Force 171 Darkside

Upcoming Schedule & Recent News

As tall as Maylin has stood on the volleyball courts in both high school and club play to-date, she also understands the importance of her performance in the classroom.Now a senior, Maylin is carrying a solid 3.75 GPA, including multiple Pre-AP/AP Courses and is a member of Young Life. For more information on this standout young lady, contact our San Antonio based staff at (210) 494-6363 M-F.