Alfred Ortiz - Austin, TX
ASAK Elite & Homeschool

Personal Information

Name: Alfred Ortiz City & State: Austin, TX
Point Guard 2021 Graduate

Physical Attributes

Height: 5' 9" Weight: 150 Bench: 185 Squat: 265 Speed: 4.65/40yd Vertical Leap: 39" Handed: Right Positions: PG,

Athletic Accomplishments

Alfred will be reclassifying as a 2021 grad and will be homeschooled next year in the Austin, TX area. In his 2019 season this winter before reclassifying as a 2021 grad, he had an excellent season at Akins H.S. and was once again a dominant force at PG en-route to his second consecutive 1st Team All-District honors. In 2018, he earned 1st Team All-District & Offensive MVP honors. He will be playing his AAU ball with ASAK Elite, as well!

Twitter: @alfredortiz10

Athletic Statistics

Standing 5'9"-150lbs as a 2021 grad, Alred combines his superb court vision with his lockdown defense and ability to score from anywhere on the court to have a bright future still ahead of himself. As a junior, Alfred averaged 21 points, 5 assists, 3 rebounds and 2 steals per game. En-route to his multiple post-season honors in his 2017-2018 year, Alfred averaged 18.4 points, 4.1 assists, 4.9 rebounds, and 2.8 steals per game. As soon as his most recent stats are provided to us, they will be posted here!

Vertical: 39" (@ Top 150 Camp)

Scholastic Information

School: Homeschool Graduation Year: 2021 GPA: 3.2 SAT: 2019 ACT: 2019 Enrollment: 2,667 Major: Undecided High School Coach: Sean Bell Phone: (512) 709-6379 Club Team: ASAK Elite

Upcoming Schedule & Recent News

While Alfred has already started turning heads on each court he steps foot on, he is also very aware of how important it is to keep his grades up to reach his lofty collegiate goals. As a 2021 grad, he is carrying a solid 3.2 GPA and will be taking his SAT/ACT exams here shortly. For more information, contact our San Antonio based staff at (210) 494-6363 anytime!